That was written at the other page in advance

Is there enough work for all?! Or is not so much to do?! I think of man is humble and building a nice place and you want to take part and have something shared always and not rob. We could need this to know. I do not accomplish to write what I want to say. Can we do fun things in dignity forming the world without harming the economy? That not known is another argument for dispute and aggression origining because of things one subjectively cannot change. There is simply dispute in the air if if noone knows if time is wasted. An excuse for wrongdoings because the air is loaded with problems and I look from far above with qualities in sighting things. So people taking care of fun things get the medal of certainly explainable problems of the moment. Most is certainly funny and just for fun and I write two things because I am swimming in thoughts. Ok, on the above: My life was not extra-expensive and when I was twelve I had see half of europe making holiday that were usual living standards my mother was just making funny holidays (with the car and an appartment somewhere)

Something to do, something done every day. If you work too hard the society would need to help. That is the same at a desk or in food-production. Please don’t make fun of this. Everyone wants to do best. I had to quit a job that was every workday because my thoughts became too occupying after I finished with a therapy with calmative medicine and more. Can your machine work be done 10 hours a week if you study, too? I leave it like this whereby would love to write more. Just: Icecream is meant to be funny. Many problems are there. It does not look good writing about that but that is meant to be funny.

I wrote about a „friendship with a peaceful everyday life“ that starts when biografies are talked about and spots in time can be found and it seems unfair that some came into doing things with a downside for others. There is driving without license to earn money for the childs medicine and more and the best we could take over from the past – I need to leave it like this, what I would know to write on optimistic is somehow too exciting to read and stressful lacks safe overview. I do things like writing this for some time now (it feels like with results). Building something is something offered by a planetary existence. So a wanted direction would be repairing the basketball-court or asking at the town-council (english not sufficient) to have one or the material for one and get a lemonade afterwards. If you cannot accept me as a role-model it is because I had lousy times