Liebesgedicht den Chancen – Love-Poem to the chances

Gestern habe ich mit dem Baum vor meinem Fenster gesprochen. [Yesterday I talked to the tree in front of my windows]. Über das Ausüben von Berufen so dass alle für jeden arbeiten. [About having jobs that are everyone working for everyone.] Ich hatte den Eindruck, dazu müssten alle viel analysieren. [I had the impression for that one would have to analyze a lot.] Und dass man dann einen Schreibtisch braucht. [And that one needs a desk for that.] Aber der hätte eine Schreibtischlampe. [But that would have a desklight.]

I trialed and my experience on the virus is precious but left the internet alone the last hour – this has to be enough what I can do. YOU CAN LOWER YOUR SENSIBILITY FOR YOUR SURROUNDING AND SPEND HEALTH TO NEIGHBORS THAT ARE ILL 1.500 METERS AWAY. TAKE THIS AS A SPECULATIVE ANALYSYS: The virus (Coronavirus or Covid-19 or Sars 2 – those are different words for loosely spoken the same thing) hit a global community in a mechanic that we became so healthy that we as a global community caught that cold; AND THIS AS YOUR LUCK THAT YOU HAVE SOMEONE WHO CAN BRING IT TO LANGUAGE: Imagine a fishnet that is stretched above the ground without touching the ground. Now a table-tennis ball-sized weight is thrown on the net where it then touches the ground. The table-tennis sized-ball would a symptomatic infection of someone, but the net is the whole society. If the surrounding spends health as written above the net gains strain and people make it through the horrifying symptoms of the possible infection (I slept with symptoms and realized whole dreaming that I need to wake up. I am a little special, I imagined myself next to my sleeping place and it was a corpes. Then I made it to wake up having little breath and danger that the breath gets blocked maybe for hours). I could memorize as how I experienced it that 5 or 6 weeks before, in march, how I caught it but could battle it down in 30 seconds twice. The symptomatic time was then later in personal distress – like what is called burnout in medicine but it was something else. I live very alone (like without anything to do but with the social security there is no sane working reachable) and I could observe this very sensible. I wrote exactly the same thought before and now I can think I can help again. If you are healthy and have confidence a walk 2 blocks further might bring someone up in your perception who is ill who can profit of your attention for some 5 minutes and in the back of your mind after returning home.

Hey this is about surviving an illness for many, many people when I read of the problems for aiming at a well-being of everybody.

Please see here I wrote at the bottom

„I wrote that we maybe became that healthy, that the virus could spread unrecognized and at the same time we would be stronger less healthy. I think I had that and sleeping three times in two nights was dangerous because from my lungs there came secretion to mythroat and I take calmative drugs and slept on the sofa on the back. There one has to observe each other in the night I think to be able to wake one another up.“

German: Ich hatte geschrieben, dass wir vielleicht so gesund geworden sind, dass gleichzeitig dieses Virus sich unbemerkt erstmal verbreiten konnte und wir weniger gesund gleichzeitig stärker wären. Ich glaube ich hatte das und bei dreimal schlafen in zwei Nächten war das gefährlich mit Auswurf im Rachen und ich nehme noch Beruhigungsmittel und habe auf dem Sofa in der Kuhle geschlafen und lag auf dem Rücken. Da muss man sich glaube ich nachts gegenseitig überwachen wenn man das hat, dass man sich wecken kann.